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Genetic Ancestral Analysis

Our Genetic Ancestral Analysis has been designed to give you an enhanced glimpse into your familial history. The unique analysis employs complex computational methods to give you results which consist of a comprehensive percentage based look at your estimated genetic alignment with ethnic groups on our reference panel, signals indicating possible regional ancestry, and a basic description of each group listed. A deeper look into your genetic history awaits.  

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*Please note that our Genetic Ancestral Analysis consists of ethnic population and regional estimates. On the genetic level, some groups are virtually indistinguishable and as such, our test cannot predict your exact ancestry with 100% ancestry. The nature of genetic genealogy is such that no testing company can predict familial genetic ethnic histories with total 100% accuracy. 

Looking to Expand Your Ancestral Knowledge? Look No Further:

  • Our analysis includes a graphical representation in percentage format of your estimated ethnic matches to populations within our reference panel.

  • Included are possible regional signals to countries or areas within countries which are distinct according to our estimates. Note that this will not always be completely correct and correlates to our predictive data models.

  • Basic descriptions are also given for the groups listed in your results to give you a better understanding of each group. We are committed to the satisfaction of each customer. Email us at contactus@exogenix.com if you have any questions or concerns.

To Order The Analysis

Download your Build 37 raw DNA .zip data file from your provider (Living DNA, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, 23andMe).

Create an account, fill out the form after clicking "Order Now", and upload your DNA file.

Sign in to access your analysis. The results take up to 25 days to be completed.

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