Customers begin by taking an autosomal DNA test with one of the main testing providers. This is inclusive of 23andMe, MyHeritage, LivingDNA, and AncestryDNA. After receiving their results, the customer downloads their raw DNA data file. Where applicable, this should be Build 37 and in the .zip format. Customers purchase our Genetic Heritage Analysis and upload their DNA data. An account is created, and after (up to and including) 25 days, the results are displayed in the customer’s personal login dashboard.

Exogenix has developed a series of computations to infer ancestry in admixed customers. All computations are built on data gathered using Admixture, LAMP-LD, Structure, HAPMIX, and LAMP-HAP. Samples which were not admixed were used as references, with outliers being removed from the data sets. The Admixture program was used to discern the variation between reference populations and to determine the ancestral backgrounds of selected individuals. Clusters were then delineated using this data and our reference panel was validated through testing against samples of confirmed origin.
These estimates are created with the goal of establishing connections to estimated ancestral populations. Panels of SNPs, termed ancestral informative markers, are utilized to differentiate between populations on the local and continental scales. We have developed a method which is highly efficient from a computational standpoint.

The details of the results are reflected in the dashboard panel after the customer logs in. The following categories are displayed: Main Ethnic Percentages, World Regional Percentages, Ethnic Groups and Their Descriptions, Full Ethnic Analysis (Including Trace Amounts), World Map, and the Estimated Regions.

From the date of purchase and upload, the entire process usually takes around 6-25 days. The user will receive a notification by email that their results have been released. The time it takes for each file to process is relative to the amount of customers in the queue.

It is always important to keep in mind that results are based on the correlation between your genetic markers and the genetic markers of data within our reference panel. When an algorithm assigns you to a population, it is picking which population you are closest to. This does not always reflect your actual genetic history and is an approximation. For example, Norwegians and Swedes share remarkably close DNA which may be hard to discern on the genetic level. If you are 100% Norwegian for 10 generations, you may receive a Swedish percentage since migration has occurred historically between both populations and you have ended up sharing close genetic markers with the Swedish samples in the reference panel.

Exogenix is committed to customer privacy. We have never and will never sell your data or give your data to third parties (aside from law enforcement if mandated). After your results are created, your DNA data is deleted. We use a third party secure payment platform (PayPal) which handles all transactions so we do not have access to any user data beyond the DNA data file itself, which is representative of a nanoscopic portion of the user genome. We do not conduct any research on your data, nor do we benefit in any way from your data aside from the monetary compensation we receive from you by giving you your results. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Your Genes, Your Genetic History

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