Our Commitment

Exogenix.com is a website committed to assisting users in genetic ancestry determination. We use computational software to provide customers with an informed glimpse into their own history from the perspective of genetic genealogy.

Our mission is to leverage scientific analytical methods to impart upon our customers a more thorough understanding of their genetic ancestral history. To us, our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement is paramount.

We Transform Your Data Into Insightful Results

Our goal is the rapid genetic translation of individual ancestry, provided in an understandable manner as we turn analytical data into understandable results for users. Our commitment to the genetic genealogy community is a precise estimate of genetic genealogical history for each individual customer.

More Useful Information
More Genetic Insights

We have updated our reference panel and have included customers who have displayed a strong regional history for several generations as references.

The results will display your ancestral ethnic background as determined by percentage components originating from groups inclusive of, or similar to, our ethnic reference groups.

Your Genes, Your Genetic History