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Exogenix allows customers who have tested with other main DNA testing companies to upload their raw DNA data for more details on their ethnic background. Every human has a unique genetic story which is encoded into their DNA. Discover yours.

Dna Test For Ancestry

Translating Worldwide Genetic Data
Into Individual Results

Exogenix creates a percentage based estimate of customer ethnic origins and is inclusive of 100+ ethnicities and ethnic groupings. We use computational software to provide customers with an informed glimpse into their own history from the perspective of genetic genealogy.

Genetic Ancestry Analysis

Genetic Ancestry Analysis

Our company has developed a series of computations to infer ancestry in admixed customers. All computations are built on data gathered using Admixture, LAMP-LD, Structure, HAPMIX, and LAMP-HAP. These estimates are created with the goal of establishing connections to estimated ancestral populations. Panels of SNPs, termed ancestral informative markers, are utilized to differentiate between populations on the local and continental scales. We have developed a method which is highly efficient from a computational standpoint.

What Is The Process?

Step 1

Take an autosomal DNA test at AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, etc.

Step 2

Download the raw DNA data file from the autosomal DNA test and upload it to our site.

Step 3

A biogeographical ancestry analysis is performed on your DNA data file.

Step 4

The results of your analysis will be available within your online dashboard.

What Do We Do?

At our company, we take the raw DNA data from our clients and turn it into a meaningful results which display ancestral heritage according to our data.  The raw DNA data from genetic testing service providers like MyHeritage, AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and FTDNA can be used to get an detailed re-analysis of your ancestry. We are committed to providing informative, in-depth data for all clients.

Ancestral Analysis
Giving You A more complete understanding of your genome

The analysis includes an ethnicity estimate. When we receive your DNA file, we compare genetic markers within your data to genetic markers from our reference panel. These groups are representative of over 100+ ethnicities. The origins of these reference groups span the world and range from broad classifications to distinct groups.

Throughout history, every region has been home to an ever changing number of ethnic groups each leaving their own genetic signature on future populations. The results of this complex demographic history are seen in modern populations which all have vast degrees of overlap between ethnic groups aside from rare remarkable cases of isolated populations. 

Diverse Geographic Locations

Your DNA is your connection to far flung places across the planet. The Analysis includes estimated locations of ancestral origin along with your ethnic percentage breakdown. The ethnic groups referenced in our panel are representative of geographic regions which will be given in your analysis.

Diverse Geographic Locations

Ancestral Regions Of Origin

Trace the path of your ancestors

Where are your ancestors from? Our analysis is inclusive of regional groups and allows you to match yourself to these populations. Each regional percentage is inclusive of numerous ethnic groups. We display information which will help you to narrow down which groups portions of your DNA most closely represent. Basic descriptions are given of each of the groups present within your analysis.


Ancestral Regions Of Origin

Assemble Your Genetic Puzzle One Piece At A Time.

You are unique and diverse, just as your ancestors before you. Genetic genealogy is a new field which incorporates several aspects of new scientific innovations. Your ancestral trees are not complete without an autosomal DNA test, and this analysis may help you to uncover more about your genetic history.

Uncover The Ethnic Origins Of Your Ancestors

Population data can be complex. There are many innovations and key processes which aren’t commonly known about genetic genealogy. Read more to discover the science behind the test. 

Illustrate Your Family History.

After our analysis, we hope that the data presented to you gives you greater clarity in regards to your possible ancestral history. Read more to learn a bit about us.

Satisfy Your Curiosity

The reference panel and computational methods used with our analysis are built upon a solid reference panel. Read more to clarify information related to our reference groups.

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